Internet Project Management

Do you have an idea, an interesting project or a task you need to carry out but you feel you want the right people to make it happen ?

We will TAKE IT PERSONALLY and we are one click away.


If all you need is an e-shop then give us your content in a digital form and be online in 14 days. If we delay we will compensate you !


No matter what you sell it makes sense you start selling globally, instead of restricting yourself to your neighborhood. We will give you the guidance, the tools and the push you need to make things happen.

Affiliate Marketing

We will start your own SUCCESSFUL business even if you have no product or service to sell! We can advise you how to start selling within days.

Consider us your ONE STOP SHOP for your Internet needs.

Just fill in the form and we will get in touch with you in no time!

Let's work together!

Internet Marketing

It's not enough to have a fantastic page! We know some companies are “victims of their web designers" as they think that a fascinating page is enough. IT IS NOT. If you already have a business and you think you can earn more than what you already do then just talk to us!

We will make the Internet work for you instead of you for the Internet.

100% Automated Hosting

We started to host sites when the internet was an unknown word. We survived the nightmares and we know to choose data centers.

25 years later you can trust we know what we are doing. We trade as NET FORCE and we also give you the opportunity to resell our services even under your own domain name. NOBODY will know we are behind the scene 🙂

Location Independent Limited is a brand new company, born with 30 years of Professional Internet experience and WE are PLANNING to be our BEST clients ! We know what to do on the Internet, so we are setting up an army of websites to work for us and we would be happy to offer you the same quality services we will be offering to ourselves. You may expect to be positively surprised.
Nick Paraskevopoulos